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My Ojuwoye market experience

I visited the popular Ojuwoye market yesterday after all the feedback about superb deals for food items and groceries. My main reason for visiting was to buy groceries or provisions as we call it in naija

My verdict? Not too impressive!

Here is why….

  1. Accessibility: I was strongly advised to go with  public transport as it was my first time and also because I would have trouble with parking space if I went with my car. I went by public bus for N50 and came back with a hired taxi (since I had a lot to take back with me) for N800. I later discovered I could drive but would have to park my car in a nearby service station  or bank for N200 flat rate
  2. Carrying cost: Due to the fact that my car was not nearby, I had to pay a very nice young lady to help me carry my stuff around. She also showed me around. I paid her N300
  3. Expenses tracking: I am the kind of person who keeps her receipt until i use the item. That way I know exactly how much everything I use costs me and that helps with my daily/weekly/monthly expenses tracking. In this case I did not get a receipt like I do in a proper store. Everything is computed using a calculator and then you are told what to pay. The drawback of this is that it is easy to swindle you especially in my case where I bought a lot of stuff in some shops and for all I know I may have been swindled because I was overwhelmed
  4. Comfort: The weather was not friendly. It was super hot!. I would choose the convenience of a nice low priced store  considering that the savings were not sooo fantastic
  5. Prices: Generally savings were not so fantastic when compared to the stores i shop. e.g the difference in price for size 4 pampers is just N50, Cerelac cost was similar to the stores, Ribena was N30 cheaper e.t.c. I have a family of just three members so I buy in mini-bulk quantity so that everything does not expire before I use them. I’m guessing if I buy in bulk quantity it would make a difference. I don’t really thing so though

The long and short of this story is that the extra costs of logistics and stress takes away the joys of the savings. I will stick with the new Number 1 store in Ilupeju which is closest to me and truly low priced. I am not in a hurry to try Lagos market

Deals, savings and more…..